Saturday, June 4, 2016

episode 270 always

Baby,I Need Your Loving - Black Brick - Soul Songs,Love Songs,Same Songs (self released)
Betty Bop - Trance Farmers - Scooby Doobie (Glue Moon Records)
Benito Canales - Hermanos Zermeno - La Revolucion y sus Cantares (OKeh)
Dawn Chorus - Boards Of Canada - Geogaddi (Beat Records)
Rosen des Abschieds - Klaus Johann Grobe - Spagat der Liebe (Trouble In Mind Records)
title track - Whyte Horses - Pop Or Not (self released)
Caverna - Rakta - S/T (Nada Nada Discos)
Time Mirror - Sundays & Cybele - Heaven (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records)
Midnight Sun - Bobby Christian - Strings for a Space Age (Audio Fidelity)
Lovers Lagoon - Eddie Golden III - Elevator (Flesh Records)
Submit - Casino Hearts - Her Side (self released)
Pop Corn - Gershon Kingsley - Music to Moog By (Audio Fidelity)
Fall Away - The Isabelles - The Psychedelic Underground Generation #34
Music for a Film 1 - Ty Segall - LAMC #7
Always - Happy Dagger - Pareidolia (Sly Vinyl)
title track - GUM - Glamorous Damage (Spinning Top Music)
Get By - Holy - Stabs (PNKSLM)
Don't Sleep In The Subway - Enoch Light - Guitar Underground (Project 3)
Inside - Static Daydream - The Psychedelic Underground Generation #34
Final Fog (Brouillard Definitif) - Marquis de Sade - Rue De Siam (EMI)
Ball Of Confusion - The Undisputed Truth - Power To The Motown People: Civil Rights Anthems and Political Soul 1968-1975 (Island Records)
Driveway To The Cemetary - Spencer Moore - Night Of The Living Dead OST (Varese Sarabande)
Unchanging Window/Chord Simple - Broadcast - Future Crayon (Warp Records)
Matches - Acab Rocky -Truce (Hacktivism Records)
Warm - Blue Smiley - Happyyy (Third Floor Tapes)
Small Downs - Braille - Everyone's Crazy (Friends of Friends Records)
Russias - Cuss Words- Drums For The Lonesome (self released)
Fur Razan - Kaan Wafi- Pieces From Exile (self released)
Don't Take Her Away From Me - Blo - Just One More Time: Volume 1 (Afrobeat 1972-79) (hairybreath)
title track - VHS Dream  - a e i o u (self released)
Shadows Of Society - Diana Ross & The Supremes - Power To The Motown People: Civil Rights Anthems and Political Soul 1968-1975 (Island Records)

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