Saturday, May 7, 2016

episode 267 it's such a pretty world today

Nothing Is The News - Damien Jurado - Maraqopa (Secretly Canadian)
Give Me Love - George Harrison - Living in the Material World (Apple Records)
Dazz Band - Brick - Good High (Bang Records)
Route 66 - Frank Chacksfield - All Time Top T.V. Themes (Vocalion)
Change My Head - Autolux - Pussy's Dead (Columbia)
Auchma - Boogarins - Manual (Other Music)
Do Yourself A Favor - Stevie Wonder - Power To The Motown People: Civil Rights Anthems and Political Soul 1968-1975 (Spectrum Audio)
Hooray For Human Engineering - Clark Equipment - Product Music Volume 1 (Honest-Abe Disc)
Be My Friend - Braggers (Russian Winter Records)
Oriar - Heron Oblivion - S/T (Sub Pop)
Frontseat Passenger - Kate Kristal - Krafftmalerei **Plagiat** (Totally Wired Records)
La Paz Del Freak - La Mecanica Popular - The Rough Guide To Psychedelic Salsa (World Music Network)
Sympathy For the Auto Industry - HeCTA - Uncut: Coming Up (Uncut Magazine)
Xanadu - Sarah Blasko - Ultimate Xanadu 22 (M4M comp)
Ein Li Makom - Vaadat Charigim - Sinking As a Stone (Burger Records)
You Tear The World In Two - Celestial - The Language Of Flowers (TBTCI)
Madison Avenue Tango - Westclox - Product Music Volume 1 (Honest-Abe Disc)
Die Ann - Plastic Animals - Pictures From the Blackout (Toad Records)
8am - Bona Dish - The Zaragoza Tapes 1981-1982 (Captured Tracks)
Anitina - A.R.Kane - MARRS (4AD)
Styrofoam Factory - Wooden Indian Burial Ground- How's Your Favorite Dreamer? (self released)
Mountain Is Tall - The Ocular Audio Experiment - Laughing Dreams (self released)
Isolation - The New Highway Hymnals - Reverb Room (self released)
Spooky - The Do-Re-Mi Children's Chorus - S/T (Kapp)
You Can't Kill Time - CFM - Still Life Of Citrus And Slime (In The Red Records)
Our Pigs - Holy Wave - Freaks of Nurture (The Reverberation Appreciation Society)
Paranoid Palace - Sonic Jesus - Neither Virtue Nor Anger (Fuzz Club)
It's Such A Pretty World Today - Wynn Stewart - 7" (Capitol)

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