Saturday, January 23, 2016

episode 258 let the light in

Let The Light In - Ttotals - Let Everything Come Through (Twin Lakes Records)
Oh Fairy Please - Eddie Golden III - Elevator (self released)
The Magazine - Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger (Drag City)
Black Rainbow - Sundays & Cybele - Heaven (Beyond Beyond Is Beyond Records)
Notorious Gold - Gum - Glamourous Damage (Spinning Top Records)
Portrait Smile - Ancient Tapes - Hummingbird (self released)
Submit - Casino Hearts - Her Side (self released)
Holy Grave - Three Broken Tapes - Hi Drama Hi (self released)
Mind Games - John Lennon - Mind Games (Apple Records)
Enjoy Your Stay - Voodooland - Welcome To Voodooland (self released)
Erase - Inchange - Found Records (Cult Classic Records)
Better And Better Earth (Boards Of Canada / Abraham Hicks mash) - DJ Scott
Zundel Se Ne Va - Borderline Symphony - EP1 (Ikarus Records)
Down In The Park - Gary Numan - Times Square OST (RSO)
The Traveller - Verma - Sunrunner (Trouble In Mind Records)
I'd Like To Shoot You In The Ass With A BB Gun - Red Peters
The Moon and the Prince - Akitaka Tohyama - Katamari Damacy Game OST (Columbia Nippon)
Luminous Veil - Stardeath & White Dwarfs - Wastoid (Federal Prism)
La Botijuela - Marimba Nacional Diria - Viva Guanacaste (self released)
Back From The Grave (Chromatics cover) - Sparkle Motion - Hangover (w/Bourbaki) (self released)
Helio - The Casey Jr. Ride - single self released)
The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore - The Walker Brothers - The Sun Ain't Gonna Shine Anymore (Smash Records)
I've Been Trying - DJ Shadow - The Less You Know,the Better (Island Records)
Apocalypse Dream - Tame Impala - Lonerism (Modular Recordings)
A Hunter Needs A Gun - Jack Ellister - Tune Up Your Ministers And Start Transmission From Pool Holes To Class O Hypergiants (Fruits de Mer Records)
Test Of Time - Temples - Sun Structures (Heavenly Recordings)
Undone - Dead Horse One - Without Love We Perish (A Quick One Records)
Carcass - Children Of Leir - Children Of Leir II (Simulations)

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