Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Episode 75 "always/never"

Lantern - Alap/Emily
Three Dog Night - Out In The Country
Nolan Porter - If I Could Only Be Sure
Pangea - River
James & Evander - Ambigamy
Burnt Ones - Meet The Golden One
Ebo Taylor & Uhuru-Yenzu - Love And Death
Dive - Geist
Lenz - Hourglass
The Fortunes - Here Comes That Rainy Day Feeling Again
The Skywalkers - My Chapel In The Sky/You Don't Even Know Me
White Rabbits - Temporary
Royal Headache - Girls
White Fence - King Of The Decade
Bread - Guitar Man
Little Chords - Always/Never
Buddy Guy - Mary Had A Little Lamb
America - Ventura Highway
Ellen McIlwaine - Weird Of Hermiston
Rubinho e Mauro Assumpcao - Os Olhos
WU LYF - We Bros
M.Pyres - Two Fists (For Myrtle)
Peter Murphy - Cuts You Up
Soft Metals - Psychic Driving
Animal Collective - Bluish
Megafaun - These Words
The Bluestars - Don't Wanna Be Lonely
Club 13 - Elegy On The Death Of A Famous General
TV Girl - I Wonder Who She's Kissing Now
Jerry Allen - I Was A Persian Fly

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