Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Episode 68 "shine"

Phedre - In Decay
Werewolf Police - Jumbo & Slim
U.S.Royalty - Equestrian (Flosstradamos Remix)
Kraak Smaak - Dynamite (Kraak Smaak's Boogie Funk Version)
Superhumanoids - Geri
Nick Waterhouse - Some Place
Alex Winston - Red Ant
White Fence - Swagger Vets And Double Moon
Beach Fossils - Shallow
Moonhearts - Shine
Eddie Ray - Wait A Minute
Shira Small - Eternal Life
Niela Miller - Baby Don't Go To Town
Dirty Beaches - Lord Knows Best
The Gardens - Teacher
Gonjasufi - Nickels And Dimes
Lovage - Pit Stop (Take Me Home)
Boy Crush - Girls Don't Like Me
Kids Cryptic - Wake Up
The N.E.C. - Creatures Flaming
School Knights - Lunch Money
Sealings - Rail Means Rail
CutUpSound - That's What I Like About Jam
Chromatics - Into The Black
Mean Wind - Down For The Count
The New Lines - Kings Civil Calendar Control
Just Another Snake Cult - I Know She Does
Gremlins - Maim My Bitch
Lucia Pamela - Walking On The Moon
Psychic Teens - Red
Spectral Park - Several Times (demo)
Betty Padgett - Rocking Chair
Brown Brogues - Wildman
Grown-Ups - Business School
When Saints Go Machine - Fail Forever (Nicolas Jaar Remix)
Sun Glitters - Cosmic Oceans (feat.Steffaloo)

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