Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Episode 66 "seeing black"

Actual Waters - Latoya
Mind Spiders - Wait For Us
Capybara - Neighbor Crimes
Bad Indians - The Path Home
Dirty Beaches -Black Silk Stockings
Pow Wows - Seeing Black
Los Wembler's De Inquitos - La Danza Del Petrolero
Panda Kid -  Cookie Weed
Young Prisms - Weekends And Treehouses (acoustic)
Mean Wind - Sunday Was A Writeoff...
MMoss - So Below
Midnight Television - All Night
The Swingers - Bay-Hay-Bee-Doll
Gonjasufi - White Picket Fence
Bass Drum Of Death - Nerve Jamming
George Fishoff Complex - Ping Pong
East-Ra - Zbrufador 
Little Phil & The Night Shadows - Plenty Of Trouble
Year 5000 - Lil Firebug
Piresian Beach - Take Me
Death To The Brutes - No Love,No Ecstasy
Lenny Dee - Hello,Dolly!
Zachary Vincent McCarthy - The Event Of Us
Bishop Morocco - Old Boys
Friends - I'm His Girl
American Standard Co. - My Bathroom Is A Private Kind Of Place
John Maus - Rights For Gays
Moonhearts - Shine
White Noise Sound - Sunset
John Keating Sound - Ticket To Ride
Khemo Rabbit - Examine Your Skull
Wrapping Paper - Hold Up The Neon Sign
The Nebyudelic Sound System - Son Of A Hermit
EMA - Milkman
Martin Newell - Gamma Ray Blue
Mexicans With Guns - Opening Incantation
Crossfire - "Ginie cause I'm from Virginia
Eddie Hazel - Unkut Funk
Wooden Shjips - Lazy Bones

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