Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Episode 18 "restless"

Eric Winstone - Trafficscape
Dusty Brown - I Saw The Light
Lords Of Falconry - Osirion
The Radio Dept. - The New Improved Hypocrisy
Dirty Beaches - True Blue
The Sheik's Men - The Belly Dancer
Los Pijama - Ya No
Stoned Jesus - Occult
Ayatollah - Atlantis
Dum Dum Girls - Mercury Mary
Memory House - Lately Troisieme
Flight - Turns To Blood
Reading Rainbow - Restless
Peelander Z - Taco Taco Tacos
Cozy Cole - Topsy Part One And Two
Disappears - Superstition
White Lies -  Holy Ghost
David Bowie - Fashion
Momus - Eleven Executioners
DJ Shadow - I've Been Trying
All Saved Freak Band - All Across The Nation
Masters Of Reality - Johnny's Dream
Inspiral Carpets - Biggest Mountain
Scala & Kolacny Brothers - Everything In It's Right Place
Sound 8 - Music For Children's Activities
Edith Frost - Cars And Parties
The Unknown - The Unknown
Sergio Perez - Venus/Vallet Hippie
Father Sleep - A Dream I Didn't Have
Loney Dear - Take My Hand
The Dears - Disclaimer
Three Dog Night - Liar
Purling Hiss - Sound Of Montage
Atlas Sound - Sheila
Air France With Roos - GBG Belongs To Us

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