Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Episode 9 "simpler times"

Link Wray - The Swag
Le Almeida - Transporpiracoes
Atlas Sound - Stationary Blood
Big Troubles - Video Rock
Evil - I'm Moving On
The Fresh & Onlys - Be My Hooker
Lief Jensen - Call For Directions
Mentz - Introduction
The Bad Boys - Black Olives
Les Baxter - Saturday Night On Saturn
Popdrone - Belong To
Brain Idea - The Heat
Soft Powers - I Begin To Cringe At Eight
Minks - Cemetery Rain
Herschell Gordon Lewis - Blood Feast
Steve Mason - Boys Outside (Keep Shelly In Athens Remix)
NYC UFOs - I See You
Catwalk - Please Don't Break Me
Fluffy Lumbers - Harry Dolland's
Jeans Wilder - Simpler Times
Timmy Organism - Give It To Me Babe
Millionyoung - Calrissian
The Black Angels - Haunting At 1300 McKinley
Ciccone Youth - Burnin' Up
Guards - Swimming After Dark
James Pants - Darling
Dr. George Milstein - Track 1
Harry Nilsson - Jump Into The Fire
Henry Moan - Slayer Of Gash
Young Prisms - Weekends And Treehouses
William Allen Orchestra - SpaceFlight 7
Weed Diamond - Mint In My Mouth
Valleys - Ordinary Dream
Val di Sere - Pinpoint
TV Girl - On Land 
Ralph Dollimore - Hit And Run 
Monster Rally - Soft Lamp/Palm Reader
Stock,Hausen,Walkmen - Sponge
Yanqui - So Clear

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